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Keep The Change

The life manifest’s, when the time is right. This doesn’t mean you have to wait, for the right time with your action. You have to keep on making the right moves and when its time to reap, you manifest your desires in your life. – Modern Age Spirituality, April 2015

Cav Bernah’s first single “2 Cents” from the upcoming LP Hollywood Muzik II is the epitome of his maturation as an artist, not just as a rapper. The track opens with Bernah declaring:

Please dont tell me what I gotta do, I think you need to worry about yourself. I’ma do whatever I’ma do, I don’t need your mother******* help

With that said, Cav Bernah (@CavBernah) has once again declared that this is the life he chose and is not looking back. He likens himself to a phoenix that rose from the dirt, which one could interpret as a shot to his peers/competition, ranging from Boston all the way to Hollywood (ironically, where he has been putting the finishing touches on HM2). “I respect other people’s point of view, but at the end of the day you can’t take swimming lessons from someone currently drowning. This song is basically me navigating throughout life on my own accord…”

Traditionally known for singles turn-up and trap style tracks, Bernah has made it evident that his refined rhyme schemes, vivid symbolism and his always effortless delivery will be at the forefront for HM2. In-house producer Walex and Bernah make up a dynamic duo poised to bring the hip-hop spotlight back to Bean-town. Bernah intends on defending his 2014 New England Urban Music Awards Album of the Year award with an even more polished second iteration of Hollywood Muzik.

“2 Cents” hopefully is one of the many jewels Bernah plans on dropping to close out ’15 and bring in the new year. When asked for details about future HM2 releases, Cav nonchalantly replies “I got some real heat coming, so this winter n****s will be toasty”. With the potential for back to back record setting winters, New England residents surely hope this somewhat boisterous statement is true.

The song will be released on iTunes and other music platforms on November 20th. The math doesn’t sound quite logical, but IMO spending 99 cents on “2 Cents” is an sound investment.

Til the next episode…

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