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6 In The Morning

Women are truly in tune with their internal calendars. Might be due to reproductive cycles or whatever, but I say that to say this. THE ‘15-16 CUFFING SEASON is officially OVER. Of course until you are on the wrong side of your feelings. 98 of every man’s 99 problems, (at least mine) are trying to find the right balance between “me” and “our” time. If you’ve ever used a triple beam, you know exactly what I am talking about! Ladies, all winter you wanted to cuddle up next to the fireplace (or radiator, depending on your current economic status), and watch entire seasons of Real Husbands of Hollywood or Scandal together, but as soon as your somewhat thot-ish, multiple-time baby father having, butt stick out more than her belly, used to be flyest junior year Madison Park (didn’t graduate), on and off best friend, hit you up wanting to hit Marina Bay, or La Marina (s/o my NYC people) and you pull an all-nighter somewhere other than where your MAN expects you to be, consider this: WE HAVE FEELINGS TOO Yes, we fuck up. Yes, we stay out all night with the homies. Yes, ain’t no (depleted expletive) better than new (depleted expletive). Yes, some of us may seemingly want to live the bachelor life forever, but as soon as we make it “official” just know it’s not about you, it’s us knowingly and voluntarily letting go of “it”. It being the game. Shit aint easy. One last thing, if you are gone (intentionally or not) do some fucked up, relationship evaluating shit like we picture in our minds after EVERY disagreement, yes EVERY, please don’t call me at 6 in the morning, waking a nigga up.

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