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Dir. Gil Videos

Cav Bernah lashes out at the people who seem to love giving their input on something they know nothing or very little about. It's like taking swimming lessons from a person who is drowning. In the song, Cav also mentions the recent issues and fall out with his former management company.


Dir. CEO Productions

Cav Bernah vents about his relationship issues in his latest song 6 AM. Its a bit of a role reversal seeing that he ends up being on the receiving end of the relationship where his significant other is living the party life.

"O.J." (Official Trailer)

Out Now

Cav Bernah might of changed the music video game with this one. He drops an official movie trailer for his up coming video “O.J.” The trailer leaves us all hanging at the edge of our seats salivating to see more December 2017 has just got more interesting.


Dir. 6Views

Cav Bernah must be feeling like "OJ" as he gets caught up to no good. With the Law close behind him, how will he get himself out of this one? This video is a must see!


Dir. Gil Videos


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