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Movie Reviews: Equalizer 2 - Denzel Washington

Rating: 6/10 Saw this movie yesterday.. I will start off by saying in my personal opinion Part one is the better of the 2. Although it was a very good storyline with a few plot twist that you may or may not see coming, it’s a good watch. If you are super emotional you may shed a tear however I doubt it. I have nothing against this but Mr. McCall has became a vigilante for the people he comes in contact with daily. This tactic stretches the movie out a little but still enjoyable. 

In conclusion if you go see it just purchase regular tickets bc it’s not worth the 30 dollar each Luxx level seats. The 10.99 will do.. there are a lot of other movies I would want to see Denzel make a part 2 for but then I remember he often dies at the end of his movies! 🤷🏽‍♂️ 

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